UN Activities

UN Pathways Lecture Series

Every semester a number of United Nations ambassadors and delegates visit our campuses to speak about a range of topics specific to the region they come from, the work of the United Nations, current events, and issues of global significance. Students are encouraged to attend and may view the Current Schedule in the UN Pathways section. Those students conducting research on countries and topics covered in the series may be interested in the lectures as reseach material. The lectures are taped and available to the campus community at no cost. To order taped material, click here .

Video Conferences

In addition to the onsite lectures, students are able to participate in interactive video conferences with the UN every semester. Video conferences feature several ambassadors, delegates and academics debating current global issues, followed by a question and answer session allowing students an opportunity to interact one on one with presenterd. Live video feed from the United Nations is broadcast to both of the Fairleigh Dickinson University campuses and well as other universities. The Current Semester is available in the UN Pathways section.

Special Student Briefings

The Office of Global Learning organizes privately arranged briefings for groups of students at Fairleigh Dickinson University. These briefings are scheduled by request only. Student groups and clubs, faculty members and the Office of Student Life can request briefings on topics of their choosing. Visit the Student Briefing Section for detailed information and currently scheduled student briefings.

Members of the UN FDU Club at the College of Florham with H.E. Ambassador Javad Mohammad Zarif of Iran

UN Club at FDU

UN at FDU is a club based at the College at Florham. Members participate in programs to raise the knowledge and awareness of global issues through research, debate, and actions, in ways that are reflective of the real United Nations. The UN club is very active with FDU's UN Pathways events as well as Model UN and community building programs. Students interested in joining can visit the UN FDU pages or contact ths club's faculty adviser, Dr. Bruce Peabody, at for more information.


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